The Shadow is a Big Town baddie. He only appeared in Brum and the King of Thieves and Brum and the Gorilla Caper. He is played by Miles Anthony.

The Shadow first appears outside the museum in Brum and the King Of Thieves where he follows a school on a field trip in. He hides among the mannequins wearing historical clothing and sees the Big Town Crown. Knowing it's worth a million pounds and how it could be used to crown himself he strokes his beard and decides to nab it. He cuts the power to the room and in the darkness takes it without notice. When the power comes back Brum sees him and gives chase. The Shadow runs around the reception with the Museum Owner now after him. He runs back to where the mannequins are and disguises himself as a king before running off with Brum again on him. He runs down the stairs and bumps into the Museum Owner and the crown falls down onto Granny Slippers. He runs down and takes it back before running outside with Brum, the Museum Owner, Granny Slippers and the Traffic Policeman chasing him. He attempts to camouflage himself with reading a newspaper on a bench but he fails. Brum foils him when he gets a cage and chases The Shadow down an alley cornering and trapping him in it. Brum hauls him back to the Museum in embrassment and returns the crown before turning the baddie over to the police while commenting 'that baddie's in big trouble'.

22 episodes later in Brum and the Gorilla Caper he presumably escapes Jail and disguises himself as a gorilla to steal the bucket of money from a group of street performers that are raising money for charity. Brum chases him through the town again with The Shadow causing trouble everywhere, he even steps on The Homeless Tramp and smearing a worker at the bakery with icing before he makes his way to a rooftop. When he reaches the top, he taunts Brum into thinking he'll never catch him. Brum finds a crane at a construction site and goes up to find The Shadow. Thinking he's gotten away with it, he sits down to count his riches but Brum ambushes him and traps him in a net. The other gorillas arrive with the Police and The Shadow is arrested again. Brum leaves as he makes aggressive gestures at him knowing he's going back to prison for a life sentence.

Criminal Record/Charges Edit

The Shadow has stolen the Big Town Crown and a bucket of money from street performers dressed as gorillas. For disguise he's stolen a King's outfit with jewelry and a gorilla suit.


4 Counts of theft including 1 item of high value (the Big Town Crown) and 1 lot of money. The other 2 counts are for his disguises.

1 Count for robbing a historical landmark.

1 Count of disrupting a charity event.

1 Count of escaping Jail.

1 Count of assault to a homeless person by stepping on him.

1 Count of trespassing on the rooftop of a building.

Due to him trying to rob the Big Town of one of its historically significant items and him stealing from charity, Sentence = Life.

Tactics Edit

The Shadow like all baddies will always come in from behind a crowd to not be seen and will grab what he wants while everyone is distracted. He is very creative in using this because to take the crown he cut the power to the room to sneak past everyone. To try and throw Brum off the scent instead of stealing a vehicle, he likes to disguise himself to fool others and Brum as to who he really is. He even made a policeman bow to him when dressed as a King. The Shadow gets out of reach of Brum as he got to the top of a building a place he thought Brum couldn't get to him. Despite his clever tricks Brum always outwits him and as a result during both his appearances he gets arrested in an embarrassing way.

Trivia Edit

  • He's similar to The Rascally Big Town Robber as he dresses in dark clothing, is well known to Brum, appears in 2 episodes and is arrested in both appearances. The only difference is that The Shadow appears in Series 3 and 4, while The Rascally Big Town Robber only appears in Series 2. Also, The Shadow is more of a bully than The Rascally Big Town Robber.

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