The scrap dealers are two men who are always on the look out for anything that could worth money and are Brums mortal enimies.. The two were driving by the rubbish dump,when they saw a lonely Brum who had a flat battery, who had mysteriously been sent to the scrapyard by mistake. They took Brum to the scrapyard and they placed him in a scrap pile. Once the dealers had left to find the scrapyard owner. A giant grabber, was almost about to scrap Brum.Thankfully, Brum was saved by the Museum Owner and given a new battery,while he goes to thank about getting Brum away from the scrapyard,Brum comes back to life,while no one is looking Brum leaves for home. After the scrapyard owner sees nothing in Brums place, He say to the dealers that they're "wasting his time!" They only appeared in Scrapyard.


They along with the Museum Owner and the scrapyard owner are the few people unaware of Brums adventures.

They are also the few big town baddies not to be robbers.