The Rascally Big Town Robber

The Rascally Big Town Robber is a thief that appeared in the second series. He is always up to mischief, the robber's antics include stealing the trophy for the big race. Brum is usually the one that foils his plans. He only appeared in Brum and the Big Chase and Brum and the Big Town Race. He is played by Andrew Davenport.

He first appears in Brum and the Big Chase when he robs everyone dancing in a conga line which includes a Policewoman's batton, a baby's toy, a pineapple and several other miscellaneous items from the mall using his fake hands to quickly grab things. When cornered his coat is opened up revealing his theft and he runs off, using the various directions to his advantage. In order to lose his victims, he poses like a manniquin in a clothing store. Thinking that the coast is clear, he leaves the store only to realize that everyone finds him again. He then runs into a rug store where eventually, he tires out and sits down. However Brum and the kids ambush him and knock him over and tie him up in a rug. Brum tells WPC Truncheon that "He's all rugged up." and is quickly handed over to her and cartered off to Jail..

Two weeks later, in Brum and the Big Town Race he reappears having escaped Jail and plans to steal the golden trophy to the Big Town Race even though the police plan to join in. he keeps out of Brum's sight which is notable and robs it while no one is looking along with a bag from the change-room and runs off with everyone chasing him again. He jumps over a wall to stop everyone from chasing him and then runs into a construction site where the police spot him. After leading them in several directions he hides up in a lamp post with everyone at a lose as to where he's gone until Brum sees him. He hands back the trophy to The Lolipop Lady before WPC Truncheon's police force drag him off to Jail for the final time as the mayor awards everyone with a medal for helping capture him and he is never seen or heard of again.

Stolen Items/Charges Edit

The Rascally Big Town Robber has stolen Mickey Mender's spanners, WPC Truncheon's baton, the cleaner's broom, a pineapple, a baby's toy, a bag from the changing room and the Big Town Race Golden Trophy. For disguise, he takes off his grey cloak and camouflages himself behind the racers.


7 Counts of Theft which includes stealing from a Police Officer and a baby. (and a bag from the changing rooms containing multiple items).

1 Count of attempted theft from a minor.

1 Count of trespassing on a construction site.

1 Count of disrupting an event.

1 Count of escaping Jail.

Due to him putting other people in risk and stealing from police officers and minors, Sentence: In Jail for Life

Tactics Edit

The Big Town Robber is very sneaky and is unlike any other baddie as he is not afraid of stealing from police and little children. He's arguably sneakier than The Shadow as he can keep out of Brum's line of sight which no other baddie can do. Another notable trait is that he uses prosthetic hands to increase the amount he grabs. He also rarely disguises himself as he cloaks himself from sight with his grey jacket. Unlike other baddies he hides his loot in his coat to blend in after he takes the item. When on the run he uses misdirection to confuse others like using complex environments to lose his tail and has managed to lose Brum for a time. This also includes hiding out of sight and using the environment to make sure Brum can't get at him such as when he clumsily scaled the wall. Despite his devious tricks Brum always foils him which leads to him being arrested in public.

Trivia Edit

  • After his 1st arrest in Brum and the Big Chase he presumably escapes during the course of the net episode Brum and the Wedding as the episode after that is his second appearance Brum and the Big Town Race. This makes him the quickest to escape from Jail.
  • He is arguably more villainous than The Shadow as he has no problems robbing police and even babies!
  • He's the only baddie to be able to keep out of Brum's sight and use prosthetic hands to grab things in which no other baddie can do.
  • He's the only thief in Series 2.

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