The Cover of the DVD

The Best Of Brum is a Australian DVD featuring six third season episodes, four fourth season episodes and four fifth season episodes, featuring the Top 15 episodes of Brum as voted by Australian Brum fans. and it was only released in Australia, and is very rare to find.

Description Edit

Selection of ten favourite adventures with Brum, the little brummie car with headlamps for eyes and a crank-shaft for a tongue. With the content voted for by Brum fans, it includes ten of the most popular adventures from the Big Town on one action-packed Video/DVD


  1. Brum and the Crazy Chair Chase -  When Gorgeous Gordon's barber chair malfunctions, can Brum save the day?
  2. Brum and the Naughty Dog - Scruffy the dog causes chaos while chasing a flying hot-dog.
  3. Brum and the Airport Adventure - Brum foils a robbery at the airport. Will the two baddies take off with the loot or can Brum the Superhero stop their plane in time?
  4. Brum and the King of Thieves - The Shadow steals the Big Town Crown from the museum.
  5. Brum and The Runaway Train - The Big Town Mayor gets stuck on a runaway train at a theme park he is opening.
  6. Brum and the Golden Loo - Bubble and Squeak, two of the Big Town baddies, steal Mr and Mrs Bank Manager's newly purchased and much prized golden toilet.
  7. Brum and the Diamond Dog - Nick and Rob, two Big Town thieves, steal a diamond-studded dog collar from Mrs Celebrity's prize pooch.
  8. Brum the Basketball Star - It is the Wheelchair Basketball Final. The Big Town team are losing because the other side is cheating.
  9. Brum and the Gorilla Caper - Three dancers dressed as gorillas have their money stolen. The chase leads up to the rooftops of the Big Town.
  10. Brum and the Runaway Sofa - When an abandoned sofa rolls away from the Corporation men it causes mayhem.
  11. Brum and the Stunt Bike Rescue - Granny Slippers hurtles out of control through Big Town on Max Speed's motorbike.
  12. Brum and the Pickpocket - Pickpocket Polly and Magic Paul take advantage of rich people in a crowd.
  13. Brum and the Mischievous Mouse - When a girl loses her pet mouse, it scurries through the Big Town and disappears into the Big Town Dance Hall.
  14. Brum and the Runaway Rickshaw - Mr Brillo is happily riding in a rickshaw with his gnomes as part of the Big Town parade. While the driver stops for an ice cream, the rickshaw rolls away.
  15. Brum and the Gymnast - Brum recovers a gymnast's hoop before the start of a big competition.

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