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Stunt Bike Rescue and Other Stories is a UK/Australian/Dutch VHS/DVD release featuring one fifth season, two third season and two fourth season episodes.

Previous Release: Kitten Rescue and Other Stories

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Runtime: 50 Mins

Released: 2003

Episodes Edit

  1. Brum and the Stunt Bike Rescue - Granny Slippers can't resist having a go on Max Speed's stunt bike, but she doesn't know how to stop it! Can Brum do some fancy wheelies and save the day?
  2. Chasing Balloons - Business is booming for the Big Town Balloon Seller until her balloons are stolen. Will the baddie float up, up and away or can Brum catch the high-flying crook?
  3. Brum and the Runaway Train - The Big Town Mayor gets stuck on a funfair train ride that he has been asked to open. Can Brum rescue the runaway ride before it runs off the rails?
  4. Brum and the Gorilla Caper - The Shadow steals a bucketful of money dressed as a gorilla, and swings across the rooftops. Can Superhero Brum rise to the occasion and foil his monkey business?
  5. Brum and the Splash and Grab - Two baddies make a splash and grab for the medals at the Big Town Swimming Gala. Superhero Brum is soon in at the deep end, but will he save the day?

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