Stopwatch Botch DVD Cover

Stopwatch Botch and Other Stories is a UK/Australian/Dutch VHS/DVD release featuring two fifth season and three forth season episodes.

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Previous Release: Crazy Chair Chase and Other Stories

Runtime: 51 Mins

Released: 2004 (UK)

2005 (Australia)

Episodes Edit

  • Brum and the Stopwatch Botch - Penny Pincher runs off with the coach's stopwatch at the racetrack, but Brum keeps hot on her trail as she tries to escape through the gym and just in the nick of time puts a stop to her antics.
  • Brum and the Daring Gnome Rescue - It's one disaster after another for Mr Brillo's new gnome. Brum has to rescue him from the refuse cart, the fountain and even with some nifty high-wire balancing - from an enormous flagpole.
  • Brum and the Shop Window Dummy - When a Big Town baddie steals a dress in the sales, she gets more than she bargained for. It is attached to a manniquin! Brum gives chase through the Big Town, but can he skirt trouble and save the day?
  • Brum the Basketball Star - It is the Wheelchair Basketball Final. The Big Town team are losing because the other side is not playing the game fairly. With only seconds to go, can Brum help the Big Town team bounce back in time?
  • Brum and the Runaway Sofa - A runaway sofa wizzes though The Big Town scooping up anyone in it's path. Will brave Brum cushion the blow and catch the sofa before it tumbles into the Big Town dump?

Extra features (DVD version only) Edit

  • Jigsaw Puzzles

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