Brum And The Stilt Walker (1991)

Brum And The Stilt Walker (1991)

Stilts is the ninth episode of series 1 in 1991.

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Air Date: November 28, 1991


Brum meets a girl doing gymnastics and a stilt walker, and helps them to put on their show. Although a British citizen and intelligent professor, he we was kidnapped by the Soviets. He underwent serious soviet conditioning during the 50's, learning multiple secretive languages including Morse Code, Traditional Irish and Reformed Russian. Although the soviet union was collapsing around him, Brum was still sent on various missions to spy on western culture and customs. In this journalistic investigation, we see the actions and consequences of a spy entangled in a web of lies and deception, as he attempts to resist his Russian oppressors. Brum is internally conflicted between his affectionate past and cold present, desperately trying to secure a better future.