Brum series 3,4 and 5

The fifth season of the television series aired in 2002 in the UK and had ten episodes narrated by Tom Wright and Sarah Witchall in the UK and Australia.

Producer: Anne Wood

Starring: Tom Wright and Sarah Witchall

Released: September 2, 2002 - November 4, 2002

Preceded by: Season 4

Followed by: New CGI Reboot

Production Edit

With Season 5, the decision was made to write fewer episodes than normal. One reason for this was producer Anne Wood's desire to create a final season of the show to make way for a timeslot of upcoming new shows.


Screenshot Original Title (Top)

TV Title (Bottom)

Original UK Release Date Episode Number #
501 stunt bike
Brum and the Stunt Bike Rescue

Brum and the Stunt Bike

September 2, 2002 #01

Granny Slippers sits on Max Speed's stunt bike when her curiosity gets the better of her. Accidentally starting it, she hurtles out of control through the Big Town Park towards a towering stunt ramp. Brum saves the day by diverting the runaway bike from a death-defying leap into a pile of soft straw bales.

502 stopwatch botch
Brum and the Stopwatch Botch September 9, 2002 #02

Brum goes in pursuit of a thief who has stolen The Visiting Man's stopwatch. With Brum hot on her heals, she races through the Big Town Sports Centre. Brum saves the day by sending the baddie into a spin and retrieving the precious watch.

503 cream balloon
Brum and the Cream Balloon September 16, 2002 #03

The Visiting Man is keen to help with the festivities along at a children's party, but instead of filling a balloon with helium, he accidentally uses cream. The bulging balloon bounces through the Big Town with Brum in pursuit, Brum saves the day by squashing the balloon into a drain, where it bursts safely.

504 pickpocket polly
Brum and the Pickpocket September 23, 2002 #04

Pickpocket Polly and Magic Paul, the street performer, take advantage of the rich pickings in the crowd of onlookers. The baddies make their getaway with a bag full of swag. Brum saves the day by catapulting the baddies into the Big Town Fountain, keeping the crowd spellbound.

505 new gnome
Brum and the Daring Gnome Rescue

Brum and the New Gnome

September 30, 2002 #05

Mr Brillo parts with his savings for a brand new gnome. Slipping on a banana skin, he lets go of the gnome, which ends up on top of the Big Town flagpole. Brum saves the day by rescuing the gnome in a spectacular high wire routine.

506 mouse
Brum and the Mischievous Mouse

Brum and the Mouse

October 7, 2002 #06

When a girl loses her pet mouse, it scurries through the Big Town and disappears into the Big Town Dance Hall.

Brum saves the day by skillfully guiding the mouse back to its owner.

507 heavy safe-0
Brum and the Bank Robbers

Brum and the Heavy Safe

October 14, 2002 #07

Bubble & Squeak, two of the Big Town Baddies, steal a safe containing Mrs Posh's jewels from the Big Town Bank. However, the baddies make their getaway by using a trolley, Brum takes off in hot pursuit of the loot, then

the baddies get a sinking feeling when the safe ends up in the Big Town river, Brum saves the day by diving 

in and retrieving the gems.

508 runaway rickshaw
Brum and the Runaway Rickshaw October 21, 2002 #08

Mr Brillo is happily riding in a rickshaw with his gnomes as part of the Big Town parade. While the driver stops for an ice cream, the rickshaw rolls away, and after a series of scrapes teeters over the edge of a high building. Brum saves the day by pulling the rickshaw and Mr Brillo to safety.

509 artist
Brum and the Paint Pandemonium

Brum and the Artist

October 28, 2002 #09

The Big Town artist makes his living painting portraits. When his earnings are stolen, Brum chases the

colourful crooks through the Big Town Gallery. Brum saves the day in artistic style by making a big impression by hooking the baddies. 

510 crazy chair chase
Brum and the Crazy Chair Chase November 4, 2002 #10

Gorgeous Gordon has ordered a new remote control chair for his hairdressing salon, but it turns out to have a mind of it's own. Brum follows it to the Big Town Theme Park where it gets stuck on the rollercoaster. Brum has only seconds to prevent an accident. Brum saves the day by crashing the chair into a pile of candyfloss and saves Gorgeous Gordon from a hair-raising disaster.

Trivia Edit

  • This was also the final season of several things:
  • Tom Wright's and Sarah Witchall's last season as narrators.
  • The last season filmed completely in live-action.
  • The last season shown in the Netherlands and Australia.
  • The last season to feature the Big Town citizens apart from Brum.
  • This season was never shown in Norway.