Brum series 3,4 and 5

The third season of the television series first premiered on VHS and DVD in September 3, 2001 in the UK before airing on television.

Preceded by: Season 2

Followed by: Season 4

Narrators: Tom Wright and Sarah Witchall (UK and Australia)

No. of Episodes: 17

Released: September 3rd 2001 - December 27th 2001

Production Edit

Before production of the third season, Mike Cavanagh sold the Cotswold Motor Museum in 1999 to another owner, with the original Ragdoll team becoming the writers. Narrator Toyah Willcox left before the third season and Tom Wright and Sarah Witchall took her place. And they explained what the character was doing and what they were planning to do.


Screenshot Original Title (Top)

TV Title (Bottom)

Original UK release date Season episode number
301 airport adventure
Brum and the Airport Adventure September 3, 2001 #01

When precious gems are stolen from a celebrity at the airport, Brum is soon on the trail of the two thieves.

Will the two baddies take off with the loot, or can Brum the Superhero stop their plane in time?

302 naughty dog
Brum and the Naughty Dog September 10, 2001 #02

Scruffy the dog gets into trouble after scampering through the Big Town getting everyone in a terrible tangle

and chasing after a flying hotdog. Brum has to get him out of deep trouble.

303 pizzeria
Brum and the Pizzeria September 17, 2001 #03

When the waiters money belt is stolen, Brum knows what to do, Brum chases a gang of crooks dressed as cooks.

But will he stop them getting away with the dough?

304 gymnast
Brum and the Gymnast September 24, 2001 #04

Brum is on a mission to recover a gymnast's hoop which is bouncing through the Big Town before the start of a big competition. It gets the Traffic Policeman and Granny Slippers in a spin. Can Brum bring it back before the competition starts?

305 king of thieves
Brum and the King of Thieves October 1, 2001 #05

The Shadow, one of the Big Town Baddies sneaks into the museum and steals the Big Town Crown.

Can Brum see through his clever disguise or will The Shadow slip into the shadows?

306 skateboarding bride
Brum and the Skateboarding Bride October 8, 2001 #06

Brum helps a bride who is about to miss her wedding because of a skateboarding accident. Will Brum get her to the church in time?

307 balloons
Chasing Balloons

Brum and the Balloons

October 15, 2001 #07

Business is booming for the Big Town balloon seller until her balloons are stolen. Will the baddie float up, up and away or can Brum get them back from the high-flying crook?

308 necklace
Brum and the Stolen Necklace

Brum and the Necklace

October 22, 2001 #08

When a beady-eyed baddie swipes Miss Lover's new necklace, Brum is on the case. But can our Superhero catch the baddie or will she scoot off with the loot?

309 theatrical thieves
Brum and the Pantomime Cow

Brum and the Theatrical Thieves

October 29, 2001 #09

Brum is in hot pursuit of two thieves, who have stolen a busker's money. Disguised as a pantomime cow, the baddies race through the Big Town Theatre. Can Brum the Superhero see through their disguise or will the

baddies steal the show?

310 runaway train
Brum and the Runaway Train November 5, 2001 #10

The Big Town Mayor gets stuck on a funfair train ride which he was asked to open. Can Brum rescue the runaway train before it runs off the rails?

311 cake gang
Brum and the Birthday Cake

Brum and the Cake Gang

November 12, 2001 #11

The greedy cake gang steal Sally's delicious birthday cake. Will the baddies scoff their yummy loot or can Brum bring them to a sticky end?

312 mobile phone
Brum and the Mobile Phone November 19, 2001 #12

Brum comes to the rescue when Scruffy the dog swaps his bone for a businessman's mobile phone. Brum has to dig him out of trouble.

313 bushes
Bushes on the Run

Brum and the Bushes

November 26, 2001 #13

The Flower Seller's money is stolen by two baddies. Disguised as bushes, they hide in the garden centre. Can Brum weed them out or will the baddies throw him off the scent?

314 posh dog
Brum and the Diamond Dog

Brum and the Posh Dog

December 3, 2001 #14

Nick and Rob, two Big Town thieves, steal a diamond-studded dog collar from Mrs Celebrity's prize pooch. Will they make off with their glittering loot or can Brum collar the crooks?

315 music box
Brum and the Music Box December 10, 2001 #15

A baddie steals a beautiful music box from a class of ballet dancers. Will the baddie be tutu clever for our hero or can Brum make her dance to his tune?

316 statue rescue
Brum and the Runaway Statue

Brum and the Statue Rescue


17, 2001


Just as the Mayoress is about to reveal a grand statue of herself, the statue of the Mayoress rolls away into the Big Town. Will Brum restore the runaway replica before the Mayoress loses her marbles?

317 snow thieves
Brum and the Snow Thieves December 27, 2001 #17

Brum gives chase when two baddies steal the takings from the Big Town ski slope. When the duo take to the slopes, will things snowball out of control or can Brum put the baddies on ices?

Bag of Gags (Direct to DVD only) Edit

Screenshot Original title (top)

TV title (bottom)

Original release date Episode number #
Grapefruit grab
Brum and the Grapefruit Grab September 3, 2001 #01

When Scruffy the Dog grabs hold of Granny Slippers's bag of shopping, it's up to Brum to put everything right.

Knicker rescue
Brum and the Knicker Rescue September 3, 2001 #02

Scruffy the Dog once again causes trouble by grabbing hold of a lady's pair of knickers. But Brum soon comes

to the rescue and snatches the knickers from Scruffy.

Camera Caper
Brum and the Camera Caper September 3, 2001 #03

The Visiting Man tries to get a picture of two townsfolk but they accidentally get whisked on to a bus.

Brum saves the day by stopping it and The Visiting Man finally manages to get a snapshot of them.

Characters Edit

  • Brum
  • The Big Town Mayor
  • The Museum Owner (Stock Footage only)

Characters Introduced Edit

  • Scruffy
  • Granny Slippers
  • Traffic Policeman
  • The Celebrity
  • The Big Town Mayoress
  • The Shadow
  • Bubble and Squeak
  • Nick and Rob
  • Bob and Job
  • Gorgeous Gordon
  • Penny Pincher
  • Big Bad
  • Beady-Eyed Robber
  • Cake Gang
  • Sally

Trivia Edit

This was the first season of several things:

  • The first season narrated by Tom Wright and Sarah Witchall in the UK and Australia.
  • The first season dubbed in Dutch.
  • The first season to introduce music videos and Bag of Gags.
  • The first season to have more episodes than any other.
  • The first season to have slow motion effects.
  • The Cotswold Motor Museum, The Museum Owner and Brum's old model was still seen in the intro and ending as stock footage.
  • From this season on, Brum gains new skills such as flying and flapping his bonnet up to make him angry, in the first two seasons he didn't. But you can tell from his eyes. He is now silent instead of talking except in Brum and the Mobile Phone where he said "Hey Scruffy, nice day for a game." This is presumably due to the production teams and script writers being accused of using a vulgar/offensive phrase.
  • The first season to have episodes released on home video before it was broadcast on television.
  • The biggest space of time between two seasons airing is between the second and third seasons. The second season first aired back in 1994 and the third season in 2001.
  • The only season to feature the appearance of Scruffy.