Brum Season 2

The second season of the television series aired in October 6, 1994. Toyah Willcox narrated all thirteen episodes in the UK and Australia.

Director: Tom Poole

Producers: Anne Wood, Dirk Campbell, Andrew Davenport and Morgan Hall.

Starring: Toyah Willcox

Released: October 6, 1994 - December 29, 1994.

Preceded by: Season 1

Followed by: Season 3

Production Edit

The show was written by a range of writers. Anne Wood primarily wrote all the first series, while the second was written by Tom Poole, Dirk Campbell, Andrew Davenport and Morgan Hall.


Screenshot UK Title (Top)

Australian Title (Bottom)

Original UK release date Season episode number
Brum - Series 2 Episode 1 - Brum and the Helicopter

Brum - Series 2 Episode 1 - Brum and the Helicopter

Brum and the Helicopter

Brum and the Helicopter Rescue

October 6, 1994 #01

When Sweethearts Day hits the Big Town, the Lollipop Lady wishes to give her chocolates to Mickey Mender - but ultimately gets trapped on the window cleaner's cradle.

202 crane
Brum and the Crane

Brum and the Big Crane

October 13, 1994 #02

Whilst 'brumming' along the pavement, Brum sees his friend, the Big Crane. When he stops by the Lah-Di-Dah's, they want Brum to take all their picnic stuff to the park, which leads to a tiring experience for the little car, maybe because there's one too many supplies for a little car to carry alone.

But then it turns to disaster when a friendly dog upsets the Lah-di-dah's picnic table. The cross park-keeper locks the dog away in the shed. But luckily, Brum rescues the dog from being pounded.

203 Brum Goes Ice Skating
Brum is an Ice Skating Star

Brum Goes Ice Skating

October 20, 1994 #03

When Brum is waiting for the traffic lights at the crossing, he sees a pair of shoes that aren't familiar to him, then knowing that they are ice skates. He then gets a truckload of snow over him from an ice cleaning machine, shortly afterwards, he brums inside a facility finding out that it's an ice skating rink.

Although not feeling too confident about being on the ice, Brum does make an attempt to try and skate with his four wheels, however, for starters, it doesn't go according to plan until one of the president skaters injures his ankle and can't ice skate. The other president finds a suitable partner which is none other than... Brum!

204 the big chase
Brum and the Big Chase

Brum Dances in the Street.

October 27, 1994 #04

On a regular day in the big town,

everyone seems to be in a dancing mood! Brum can't seem to get the hang of it, but he does give it a chance anyway. However, later on, an infamous robber is on the loose... 

205 wedding
Brum at the Wedding

Brum and the Wedding

November 3, 1994 #05

When the car breaks down, it looks as though the bride won't be at the church on time. But Brum has other ideas, he becomes her new transport - in a very unlikely way.

206 brum and the big town race
Brum and the Big Town Race

Brum and the Rascally Robber

November 10, 1994 #06

It's race day in the Big Town, but when the Mayor tries to hand out the trophy, it's gone! Brum joins the race to catch the rascally robber when he steals the

trophy for the winner of the Big Town Race and Brum wins a small trophy of his own when the robber is eventually caught. 

Brum Goes Shopping

Brum and the Supermarket Shopping

November 17, 1994 #07

It's shopping day in the Big Town and Brum decides to give shopping a try, Brum visits a supermarket and is impressed by all the things to buy. But disaster strikes when a bottle

of bubble bath has spilled everywhere, which causes Brum to crash into the products and shelves. 

208 brum and the windy day
Brum and the Windy Day

Brum and the Very Windy Day

November 24, 1994 #08

It's a windy day in the Big Town and everybody and everything is getting blown about but thanks to Brum, Mrs Doolally's washing is saved.

209 brum and the street party
Brum and the Surprise Party

Brum and the Street Party

December 1, 1994 #09

Rob the Road Sweeper isn't having a very good day, Brum and his friends try to cheer him up by holding a surprise party. But can they do it without him noticing?

210 brum and the lost kitten
Brum and the Naughty Kitten

Brum and the Lost Kitten


8, 1994


There is chaos and confusion in the Big Town's posh hotel when Brum goes searching for a lost kitten.

211 brum and the marching band
Brum and the Little Drummer Boy

Brum and the Marching Band

December 15, 1994 #11

Brum visits the Big Town early in the morning to visit the bus drivers before a hard days work. Brum visits a marching band, and they realize somebody is missing. But Brum finds him and the member claims his alarm clock is broken, so they try to get to the Big Town square with the aid of a bus.

212 brum and the flood
Brum and the Flood December 22, 1994 #12

After some heavy rainfall, the Big Town is suffering some plumbing

problems with the water, the drain's too narrow for any human being to go down into, so Brum being that he is the perfect size to go down the drain goes ahead and helps the people of the Big Town clear the drain. He finds out that a crocodile from the toyshop is blocking the pipe, so Brum with his sheer strength bursts the toy but 

gets stuck in a tidal wave and gets lost. 

213 brum goes house painting
Brum Goes House Painting December 29, 1994 #13

Brum helps Painter Dave and Gary Doolally with redecorating Auntie Pat's house - but they make a huge mistake that only the firemen can put right.

Characters Edit

  • Brum
  • Museum Owner
  • Mr and Mrs Doolally
  • WPC Truncheon
  • The Big Town Firemen

Characters Introduced Edit

  • The Lollipop Lady
  • Micky Mender
  • Vicky Spoon
  • Mr and Mrs La-Di-Dah
  • The Big Town Mayor
  • The Rascally Big Town Robber
  • Mr Brillo

Trivia Edit

  • This was the first season to be written by Tom Poole.

This was the final season of several things:

  • Toyah Willcox's last season as narrator.
  • The last season to use the original model.
  • The last season to feature the Museum Owner.
  • The last ever season to feature a baby.
  • The only season where Mr Brillo was played by Les Taylor. In the next season, he has a totally different look due to him being played by Rob Thirtle.
  • The last season where a character speaks. This is likely due to broadcasting concerns after this season.
  • The biggest space of time between two seasons airing is between this season, which aired in 1994, and Season 3, which did not air until 2001.