Brum - Series 1 Episode 3 - Scrapyard

Brum - Series 1 Episode 3 - Scrapyard

Scrapyard (Better Known As Brum & The Car Breakers) is the third episode of series 1 in 1991.

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Air Date: October 10, 1991

Summary Edit

Brum has caused trouble after his battery goes flat and is taken away to a scrap yard - but who will save him from being scrapped?

Trivia Edit

This is the only episode in the series where the Museum Owner is seen in the Big Town and not in the Cotswold motoring museum.

This is the only episode the museum owner doesn't find an item in Brum, after he returns to his spot in the museum.

Due to Brum's battery going flat, he's only awake in the beginning and end of the episode.

The scene with the other cars being crushed is a reference to the 1987 film The Brave Little Toaster.