Runaway Statue DVD Cover

Runaway Statue and Other Stories is the Brum video and DVD released in 2002 in the UK, And 2003 in Australia.

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Released 2002 (UK)

2003 (Australia)

Episodes Edit

  1. Brum and the Runaway Statue - When the statue of the Mayoress rolls away during its grand unveiling, Brum is on the case. Will our superhero restore the runaway replica before the Mayoress loses her marbles?
  2. Bushes on the Run - The Flower Seller's money is stolen, Disguised as bushes, the baddies hide in the Garden Centre, Can Brum weed them out?
  3. Chasing Balloons - The Big Town Balloon Seller has her balloons stolen. Will Brum catch the high flying crook?
  4. Brum and the Skateboarding Bride - A beautiful bride is whisked away from her wedding by a runaway skateboard. Can Brum get her to the church in time?
  5. Brum and the Diamond Dog - Two baddies steal a diamond-studded dog collar from Mrs Celebrity's prize pooch. Will Brum collar the crooks?

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