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Kitten Rescue and Other Stories is a UK/Australian/Dutch VHS/DVD release featuring three fourth season episodes, one third season and one fifth season episode.

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Runtime: 49 Mins

Episodes Edit

  1. Brum and the Kitten Rescue - Granny Slipper's chases a ball of wool and ends up on the hands of the Big Town clock. Can Brum rescue Lucky before disaster strikes?
  2. Brum and the Golf Buggy - Nick and Rob, two Big Town baddies, ride off with the Big Town golf trophies. Par for the course, eagle-eyed Brum swings into action.
  3. Brum and the Kidnapped Garden Gnome - Mr Brillo has his prize gnome stolen by two Big Town baddies called Nick and Rob. They are going to sell the gnome at the market. Can Brum stall them in time?
  4. Brum and the Stolen Necklace - When a beady-eyed baddie swipes Miss Lover's new necklace, Brum is on the case. But can our Superhero catch the baddie or will she scoot off with the loot?
  5. Brum and the Runaway Rickshaw - Mr Brillo treats himself and his gnomes to a rickshaw ride. While the driver stops for an ice cream, the rickshaw rolls away. Can Brum chase after it and save Mr Brillo and the rickshaw from a ride of disaster?

Trivia Edit

  • Brum and the Runaway Rickshaw is the only fifth season episode to be released direct-to-home video and DVD before being released on TV.

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