Brum And The Splash And Grab10:50

Brum And The Splash And Grab

Brum and the Splash and Grab is the second episode of series 4 in 2002.

Previous: Brum and the Kitten Rescue

Next: Brum and the Golden Loo

Air Date: April 15, 2002

Summary Edit

Two baddies steal all the medals and cups due to be given at the Big Town swimming gala. Brum gives chase as the athletic pair make their getaway in a speedboat. Just as the baddies think they have foiled our hero, Brum water-skis after them. Brum saves the day by reeling in the baddies and returning the medals to the swimmers.

Trivia Edit

  • When this aired on BBC, It was renamed Brum and the River Race.
  • This is Big Bad's last appearance.

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