Brum 507 - HEAVY SAFE - Kids Show Full Episode10:14

Brum 507 - HEAVY SAFE - Kids Show Full Episode

This article is about the 2002 episode, You may be looking for the 1991 episode.

Brum and the Bank Robbers is the seventh episode of series 5 in 2002

Previous: Brum and the Mischievous Mouse

Next: Brum and the Runaway Rickshaw

Air Date: October 14, 2002

Summary Edit

Bubble & Squeak steal the safe containing Mrs Posh's jewels from the Big Town Bank. However, the baddies make their getaway by using a trolley, Brum takes off in hot pursuit of the loot, but the safe ends up in the Big Town lake, Brum saves the day by recovering the safe from underwater.

Trivia Edit

  • This is the first time that Brum goes underwater.
  • When this aired on BBC, It was renamed Brum and the Heavy Safe.

Goofs Edit

  • There is no way that Brum could go underwater as his engine would blow up.

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