Brum - Brum Goes House Painting (1994)14:36

Brum - Brum Goes House Painting (1994)

Brum Goes House Painting is the thirteenth and the final episode of series 2 in 1994.

Previous: Brum and the Flood

Next: Brum and the Airport Adventure

Air Date: December 29, 1994

Summary Edit

Brum helps Painter Dave and Gary Doolally with redecorating Auntie Pat's house - but they make a huge mistake that only the firemen can put right.

Trivia Edit

  • This is the final episode of series 2. It is also the final episode of the original series.
  • This marks the first appearance of Mr. Brillo
  • This marks the final appearance of The Big Town Firemen until Brum and the Kitten Rescue.
  • This marks the final appearances of all characters in this series apart from Mr. Brillo who appears in the later series but with a totally different look as he is played by Rob Thirtle instead of Les Taylor.

Goof Edit

  • In reality, you can't use water to wash off house paint as it would be stuck on for good.

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