The Big Town Baddies are the primary antagonists of the Brum (Show) TV show appearing in at least one episode per series and are thieves that Brum has to look out for on his adventures around the Big Town. They typically operate in singles or in duos targeting money or things of high value like the Big Town Race Golden Trophy, a bucketful of money from street performers, a crown from the museum, a golden loo from a five star plumbing store, a safe from the bank and the Big Town Silver Swimming Trophy etc. They also disguise themselves to trick Brum into thinking it's not them. The Shadow and Big Bad mostly do this. Baddies that operate in duos are usually just casual partners in crime like Bubble and Squeak and Nick and Rob though some are in relationships like Big Bad and his girlfriend. Despite this, the motives for baddies stealing things varies. Female baddies steal to look more attractive like the Beady-Eyed Robber while males do so to get rich and spoil their girlfriends like Big Bad, but in general baddies steal to get money. The most recurring baddies on the show are Nick and Rob who appear in five episodes with Big Bad being the second most recurring appearing in four episodes. By the end of the show all of the baddies are taken to the Big Town Court for their sentences and are charged of guilt or if they're not, they are presumed to be in jail due to Brum capturing them with his traps. Not all baddies are thieves wanting money though but they always meet their comeuppance such as The Big Town Bullies who get splashed with soapy water for bullying a girl.

Tactics Edit

Baddies steal for various reasons, the most common motive for theft for male baddies is wanting a lot of money, females often steal so they may look more attractive. Sometimes baddies steal just not only to make some money, but to please their significant other, like Big Bad's 2nd Girlfriend who goes along with it to please him as seen by her clinging to him throughout the theft. Baddies vary in their tactics, but all try and keep out of everyone's sight. When stealing an item it usually involves sneaking into a building. To avoid being spotted by others baddies will enter from the rear. Noted examples of this include The Shadow when he snuck into the museum to steal the Big Town Crown and Penny Pincher when she tried to steal a music box. Most if not all will steal their desired target item when people are distracted. A noted baddie who uses this tactic was Pickpocket Polly who used the street performer to distract a crowd while she stole their valuables. Another favored tactic is sneaking past people while disguised, Big Bad has used this tactic himself 3 times, but his most noted application was in Brum and the Splash and Grab when he dressed as a swimmer in a lifejacket, swimming shorts and a swimming cap to allow him to sneak past everyone to nab the swimming trophy. When baddies get their hands on the item/items they want and make a run for it a favored tactic to escape or outrun Brum is to get a vehicle faster than him. Big Bad's 1st Girlfriend tried this when she stole a dress from a shop and tried to evade Brum by catching a bus to outrun him. Big Bad tried to escape Brum by stealing a speedboat on the Big Town Lake. Nick and Rob also tried this by stealing a Golf Buggy to evade Brum. If baddies can't get a vehicle faster than Brum, they will try to slow them down like Bubble and Squeak when they tied Brum to a pole via rope and The Beady-Eyed Robber in Brum and the Stolen Necklace who tried to push a piano into Brum to stop him after failing to outrun him on a scooter. Some even try to outrun Brum by attempting to get away on a bus. Some examples include Big Bad's Assistant and his Girlfriend and Big Bad's 1st Girlfriend. Baddies also get increasingly paniced when having to evade police and will push past them or outright avoid them while on the run. No matter how clever the baddies are Brum always foils them in an embarrassing way.

All baddies ranked (In order of appearances) Edit

  1. The Big Town Bullies
  2. The Scrap Dealers
  3. Two Masked Bank Robbers
  4. The Rascally Big Town Robber
  5. Bubble and Squeak
  6. Nick and Rob
  7. The Shadow
  8. Big Bad
  9. The Beady-Eyed Robber
  10. Big Bad's Assistant
  11. Cake Gang
  12. Big Bad's Assistant's Girlfriend
  13. Penny Pincher
  14. Big Bad's 1st Girlfriend
  15. Big Bad's 2nd Girlfriend
  16. Visiting Red Football Team
  17. Pickpocket Polly
  18. Visiting Blue Basketball Team
  19. Magic Paul

Top Ten Baddies (Brum's biggest enemies) Edit

  1. The Shadow
  2. Big Bad
  3. Bubble and Squeak
  4. Nick and Rob
  5. The Rascally Big Town Robber
  6. Pickpocket Polly
  7. Penny Pincher
  8. Magic Paul
  9. The Beady-Eyed Robber
  10. Big Bad's Assistant

Top Five Items Stolen (Ranked by how daring it was, clever, evidence left behind and disguise used) Edit

  1. Big Town Crown in Brum and the King of Thieves (Target: The Shadow)
  2. Big Town Silver Swimming Trophy in Brum and the Splash and Grab (Target: Big Bad and his 2nd Girlfriend)
  3. Safe in Brum and the Bank Robbers (Target: Bubble and Squeak)
  4. Various items in Brum and the Pickpocket (Target: Pickpocket Polly and Magic Paul)
  5. Various items in Brum and the Big Chase (Target: The Rascally Big Town Robber)

Top Five Baddie Disguises (In terms of how effective to fool Brum.) Edit

  1. Gorilla Suit in Brum and the Gorilla Caper (Target: The Shadow)
  2. Swimming overalls in Brum and the Splash and Grab (Target: Big Bad & his 2nd Girlfriend)
  3. King Costume in Brum and the King of Thieves (Target: The Shadow)
  4. Ski clothing in Brum and the Snow Thieves (Target: Big Bad & his 1st Girlfriend)
  5. Chef outfits in Brum and the Pizzeria (Target: Nick and Rob)

Top Five Baddie Getaway Vehicles (In terms of how to get away from Brum.) Edit

  1. Cargo Plane in Brum and the Airport Adventure (Target: Bubble and Squeak)
  2. Speedboat in Brum and the Splash and Grab (Target: Big Bad and his 2nd Girlfriend)
  3. Golf Buggy in Brum and the Golf Buggy (Target: Nick and Rob)
  4. Scooter in Brum and the Stolen Necklace (Target: The Beady-Eyed Robber)
  5. Bus in Brum and the Shop Window Dummy (Target: Big Bad's 1st Girlfriend)

Top Ten Baddie Defeats (Brum's best moments at defeating the thieves) Edit

  1. In Brum and the Airport Adventure, Bubble and Squeak sneak onto a cargo plane in attempt to make their getaway while the pilot wasn't looking. Brum was still looking for them as he screeches to a halt as he sees them on the plane, Brum's high speed manages to outrun the plane to stop it from taking off. When the pilot sees Brum on the runway, he then quickly applies the emergency brakes and the plane comes to a safe stop. The two luggage carriers immediately attach the gate to the plane. Brum watches everything as the pilot throws the devious duo off and then they are confronted by Brum forcing them to drop the case. He then has the duo cartered off to be arrested by the Traffic Policeman.
  2. In Brum and the Splash and Grab, Big Bad and his 2nd Girlfriend steal a speedboat but Brum latches onto the water skies tied on and goes after the naughty pair. The girlfriend sees first and panics as Big Bad recklessly drives trying to get rid of Brum. Eventually Brum gets on land and a tug of war battle ensues with Big Bad's girlfriend urging the boat on but Brum pulls them ashore. The girlfriend looks up and sees Brum, the swimming coaches and the Policewoman looking at them. Big Bad surrenders and has his girlfriend, properly embarrassed hand back the loot. Big Bad is arrested and taken to prison for a life sentence though the fate of his 2nd girlfriend is not clear.
  3. In Brum and the Gorilla Caper, The Shadow makes his escape onto a rooftop where Brum couldn't find him. But what he didn't know was, Brum was soaring above the skyline on a crane to get to the rooftop. Brum trapped him under a net and a policewoman and the performers caught him red handed. He is taken back to prison for Life.
  4. In Brum and the Big Chase, The Rascally Big Town Robber is cornered his coat is opened up revealing his theft and he runs off into the shops, using the various directions to his and sits down in a Rug Store. However Brum and all his victims ambush him and knock him over and tie him up in a rug. He is serving a Life Sentence in Jail.
  5. In Brum and the Shop Window Dummy, after failing to lose Brum on the bus, Big Bad's 1st Girlfriend steals a Street Sweeper. Her wreckless driving ends up going in the car wash as she is going to get cleaned up. When the wash was over, she was covered in soapy bubbles. She appears to be somewhat more badder than the blonde girlfriend as she gives the policeman a nasty look after being arrested. Her Jail Sentence is not known.
  6. In Brum and the Pickpocket, Brum suddenly stops to consult a trick. While getting away, Pickpocket Polly and Magic Paul mock him as stopped for no reason. Then Brum twirls the rope around and hooks it on to their bike. He then pulls them back as they drop the bag of swag and it lands on his seat. Soon, they get catapulted into the box as the Traffic Policeman is set free. Then the clumsy duo accidently fall into the fountain. Everyone congrats Brum for safely returning the stuff.
  7. In Brum and the Stolen Necklace, The Beady-Eyed Robber runs into a mall and Brum spins the revolving door so fast, she flies off-screen and Brum catches the necklace. Then she falls into a dirty barrel in an alley. This led to a very embarassing moment for the baddie. Brum then takes her to the couple for an apology while she is still in the barrel. Despite her dastardly tactics she is very vain and cowardly as she only stole the necklace because she'd look more attractive in it and the latter shown when she tried to run away from Brum even after falling into the barrel and when she played dead when the Police caught up.
  8. In Brum and the Diamond Dog, after Nick and Rob chopped the dog's collar with pliers, the two run around in circles around a wooden shed, the clumsy duo decide to hide in the shed while Brum lets the dog in, locks the door and the dog inside attacks them. After falling in defeat, they were caught red handed by the chauffeur and were possibly arrested off-screen.
  9. In Rescue, The Big Town Bullies point and laugh at the misfortunes as it gets stuck on a roof. As the girl runs toward it the two block the ladder going up both smirking at her. However Brum saves the day and retrieves it for the girl before she leaves on the firetruck waving goodbye. The two bullies sarcastically wave goodbye before the window cleaner douses them in dirty soapy water. Brum comments that it serves them right before driving past the two while they try and clean themselves up with the female bully looking on as Brum leaves while wiping her jacket.
  10. In Brum and the Stopwatch Botch, Penny Pincher tries to throw a tennis ball at Brum and later used a tennis ball machine to try and pummel Brum into submission. Brum managed to reverse this on her and she was able to deflect most of the balls away but the intensity got too much and she had to flee again. Despite this she can't outrun Brum like most people so she'll try to find something faster than Brum to outrun him, as well as being physically strong she is also quite hardy as she jumped over a cart being carried by Bob and Job an landed on her back before proceeding to keep running. She was also able to cope with Brum spinning her in circles for a while before she got too dizzy and lets go.

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