Big Bad's 1st Girlfriend first appears in Brum and the Snow Thieves where she's hanging out with her boyfriend Big Bad. Both get sight if the Ski Resort's money and they nod at each other wanting the takings. Big Bad ducks under the counter and drags her along with him. At the last moment they grab the cash and stuff it in her yellow bag and make a getaway as Brum gives chase. She notices him close behind and Big Bad briefly restrains Brum by pushing a pile of skis on top of him as they run off. Knowing it won't buy enough time she sees some manikins with ski jackets on and they swap clothes with them pretending to be manikins themselves but Big Bad sneezes. Brum chases them into the ski slope and they clumsily make their way up, knocking a snowman down in the process. They make it to the top only for Brum to meet them there. They snitch some skies and go back down but due to their lacklustre experience at sking Brum causes them to crash and buries them under snow. She has Big Bad hand back the money including her bag. Thinking they've gotten off lightly they sigh in relief but the townspeople approach angry and pelt them with snow as they look up in shock.

Later in brum and the Shop Window Dummy Big Bad is in jail, and she appears to be dirty and rundown. She approaches a dress shop and sees a special dress. Knowing its worth lots of money she attempts to get it off the manikin but can't forcing her to take the dummy with her. Brum gives chase to her as she tries to lose him on the bus but her keeps catching up to her getting back parts of the manikin as she goes. Eventually she steals a street sweeper and stuffs the dress into her jacket. Brum however causes her to drive into the car wash mocking her as she's going to get cleaned up. She emerges covered in soap and dazed, whereupon Brum takes her back to the shop and returns the manikin where the GrafficnPoliceman is waiting and promptly cuffs and arrests her. They discover the dress hidden in her jacket and take it off her before putting it on the manikin again. Due to being chained to the policeman she is forced to wave Brum goodbye as he leaves. She is taken to prison as she isn't seen again.

Trivia Edit

Due to her not appearing in Brum and the Splash and Grab it can be assumed Big Bad dumped herin favour of the blonde athletic baddie who is his 2nd girlfriend. This is reinforced by how dirty she looks in her last appearance.

She appears to be somewhat more badder than the blonde girlfriend as she gives the policeman a nasty look after being arrested, whereas the blonde one looks at the police with remorse after handing back the trophy.

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