Airport and the Other Stories
Front Cover


15 October 2001

Followed by

Snow Thieves and the Other Stories


52 mins

"Airport and Other Stories" is a UK/Australian/Dutch VHS/DVD featuring five series 3 episodes.

Description Edit


Brum is here to save the day in 5 BRAND NEW live-action adventures. Get ready for thrills and spills as our crime busting Super-hero comes to the rescue.


  1. Brum and the Airport Adventure - Brum foils a robbery at the airport. Will the two baddies take off with the loot or can Brum the Superhero stop their plane in time?
  2. Brum and the Naughty Dog - Scruffy the dog causes chaos while chasing a flying hot-dog.
  3. Brum and the Pizzeria - Brum gives chase to some crooks dressed as cooks who have stolen a waiter's money belt. But will he stop them getting away with the dough?
  4. Brum and the Gymnast - Brum recovers a gymnast's hoop before the start of a big competition.
  5. Brum and the King of Thieves - The Shadow steals the Big Town Crown from the museum. Can Brum spot his disguise or will he slip into the shadows?

Extra Features (DVD version only) Edit

  • Top Secret Files
  • Bag of Gags
  • Brum Quiz

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