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ABC for Kids released most Brum VHS and DVDS in Australia from 1993-2007 under their label. They also released other shows under the same label such as Bananas In Pyjamas, Thomas the Tank Engine and Friends, Fireman Sam, Postman Pat, The Wiggles, and several others.

VHS List Edit

  1. Brum to the Rescue (1992)
  2. Brum And The Car Breakers (1992)
  3. Brum At The Opera (1992)
  4. Brum To The Rescue (1993)
  5. Brum at the Seaside (1994)
  6. Brum and the Robbers (1994)
  7. Helicopter Rescue (1995)
  8. Brum and the Marching Band (1996)
  9. Brum and the Lost Kitten (1997)
  10. The Very Best Of Brum, Top 10 Episodes Of The 90s (2002)
  11. The Very Best Of Brum, Top 10 Episodes Of The 00s (2002)
  12. Airport (2002)
  13. Soccer Hero (2002)
  14. Kitten Rescue (tba)
  15. Splash And Grab (2003)
  16. Runaway Statue (TBA)
  17. Snow Thieves (TBA)

DVD List Edit

  1. Airport (2002)
  2. Splash And Grab (2003)
  3. Soccer Hero (2006)
  4. Stopwatch Botch (2007)

Compilation releasesEdit

  1. Favourites (Brum Goes House Painting)
  2. Bumper Collection (Kite)
  3. Play Box (Brum Goes Ice Skating)

Gallery Edit

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